Seminars and Certificates

The Valdry Center will hold various seminars and lectures as well as establish certificate programs. Like other programming for the Valdry Center, both seminars and lectures will be demand driven. In an effort to bring experts from across the world to discuss various aspects of philanthropy and nonprofit management, the Center will use lectures and seminars as an opportunity to share information and collaborate on innovative ideas.

After a feasibility study and several conversations with our constituents, the Center was able to develop a plan for seminars based on the particular needs articulated by those interviews. While the degree program focuses on matriculating students, the certificate programs will target professionals seeking a next set of skills in their particular area. As philanthropy and the nonprofit sector continue to evolve with the emergence of impact investing and other new angles on how to invest in efforts for public benefit, there will be an increased demand for learning. These programs will continue to build the capacity and will be a critical factor in shaping the content and markets for certificate programs offered at the Valdry Center.

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