COMPLETED – Evolution of a Center of Philanthropy

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Sponsor: The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

David J. Maurrasse, Ph.D.
Marga Incorporated

In this enlightening session, Dr. David J. Maurrasse, Ph.D., provides a comprehensive review of the Valdry Center of Philanthropy’s journey, tracing its development from the initial feasibility study to its current reality. As the visionary Founder and President of Marga Incorporated since its establishment in 2000, Dr. Maurrasse has been a stalwart advocate for strategic counsel in philanthropic initiatives and the cultivation of impactful community partnerships. His leadership in transformative collaborations, notably through the Race and Equity in Philanthropy Group (REPG) and the Anchor Institutions Task Force, lends a unique perspective to the empowerment of communities.

Drawing from his influential roles at Columbia University between 2000 and 2023, Dr. Maurrasse’s luminary contributions to sociology and African American studies have been documented in impactful works such as “Strategic Community Partnerships” (2021) and “Beyond the Campus: How Colleges and Universities Form Partnerships with Their Communities” (2001). As an Emeritus Trustee at Bucknell University, he actively participates in events, sharing compelling narratives on the dynamic synergy between philanthropy and anchor institutions in addressing societal challenges. A distinguished graduate of the University of Michigan with a Doctorate in Sociology from Northwestern University, Dr. Maurrasse stands as a revered authority, poised to share valuable insights that promise to inspire a new era of impactful community engagement.

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